Documents management

Adding value to your standard workflows.

The work of a law firm is to a large extent related to processing of documents. This means that the quality of the workflow, ease of use of management tools, and legal team context awareness are the key factors that affect the organization's work. Legal Plant addresses these challenges. The application offers the proper structure, convenient workflow, and the ability to generate repetitive documents from previously prepared templates.

Much of legal processing is about working on documents, be it agreements or other legal case documentation. Most people use existing industry standard word processing and document managing software for this, like MS365 or Google Docs/drive, and are happy with their capabilities. But these general-purpose authoring tools often don't offer legal processing-specific context or document workflow management tools. Having context and workflow awareness as a layer on top of general word processing and document management significantly enhances document generation, collaboration, navigation, and automation. That is Legal Plant's approach, to enhance existing document tools.

Legal Plant automatically manages the document server's proper folder structures for clients and cases. It can also pre-populate these folders with documents that can be full or semi-automatically generated based on information present on the Legal Plant platform. This saves the legal staff from doing unnecessary manual and repetitive work and go right to enhancing and adding value to these pre-generated documents. It also enables the legal team to easily find and navigate documents in the context of specific clients and cases using LegalPlant as a central client & case hub.

'Google Drive'

Clear structure

Organized and structured folders are created on the integrated cloud drive (integration with Google Drive is available at the moment, while integration with MS 365 will be available soon). Each entity (i.e., a company or an individual) has an automatically created root folder when entered into the Legal Plant app register. Both the structure and content of a case folder are available in the 'Case details' view in Legal Plant. It is also worth paying attention to the actions available from this view. Thus, we can upload documents (to the main directory using the icon in the upper right corner of the screen or to a specific subfolder using the icon in the line of a given subfolder. It is also possible to go to Google Drive by clicking on 'Open in GDrive.'

'Google Drive'

Safety first

Legal Plant also gives you the option to quickly preview each document by clicking on the eye icon on the right. In the preview window, in addition to opening the document in Google Drive, the user can download to his local drive.

All documents created and collected in the context of a given case are available to case team members. This solution provides convenience and easy access for those interested on the one hand, and on the other hand, guarantees security and protects it against unauthorized persons.

A clear structure of documents is only part of what Legal Plant has to offer. Essential and handy functionality is also document templates that can be defined as part of the needs of a given law firm. Preparing such templates is easy, and one cannot overestimate their usefulness. All standard contracts, statements, and other such documents need only be prepared once. After that, they literally take a few moments to prepare - and an intern can easily do it.

Legal Plant makes things easier

Legal Plant is designed precisely to take the burden of monotonous, repetitive activities off the shoulders of a law firm and, at the same time, ensure that each legal team member knows the context and workflow of the documents they work with. In this way, work can deliver more value with less effort.


Here you will find documentation for the Legal Plant functionalities, a description of the program's feature, and previews of what we plan to do in the future.